Using a cooperative coaching style, our director, Felix Insaurralde strongly believes that positive reinforcement, respect and encouragement are the ingredients not only to create excellent players, but most important to give the our students the opportunity to believe in themselves; developing good values, discipline and character.“Tennis is a complex sport where many variables are in play and need to be developed to become successful. These variables include grips variations, footwork, strokes biomechanics, tactics, strategies, fitness and psychological strength.

Developing these variables at a young age is one of the main objectives at FIT TENNIS ACADEMY. Our Director, Felix Insaurralde, was member of the Davis Cup Team representing his native country, Paraguay. He participated in the Pan-American Games in Winnipeg, Canada and accepted a full scholarship to represent East Tennessee State University (Division 1) where he helped to achieve their best ranking in history of #32 in the nation. After six years at ETSU he graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Public Financial Management.

He faced many recognized players such as John Isner, Bob Brian, David Nalbandian.He played exhibition matches with Yanik Noah and Victor Pecci (Ex No 1 in the World No 7 in the World). As a coach, Felix has trained players such as Davis Carvallo ( top 10 in the state of Florida, 14 years), Nadia Echeverria, Top 600 WTA, Sasha Vickery ( Top 100 WTA)Today, Felix Insaurralde is certified as Elite Coach from the USPTA as well as a High Performance and Sport Science coach by the USTA.

“Having great mentors such as Rodney Harmon and Martin Van Daalem really helped me to understand that our mission as tennis coaches should go beyond than just teaching tennis; our main mission is to develop character, discipline and values that along with their tennis ability will give our students a brighter future.”


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