After school program


Red ball play on smaller 36′ courts, with right-sized equipment, is a great way for young players to hone their skills.  These balls a 33% slower than the yellow balls that allows our children to develop better strokes mechanis as well as balance and control.


Played on 60′ courts, orange balls have slightly more bounce than the red balls.  This is great for players who have honed their skills and those who are working on developing more match play experience – and it’s the first step on our Youth Progression Pathway!


Played on a full (78’) court, green balls bounce slightly lower than a yellow tennis balls.  Players at this level are more experienced with match play.


At Fit Tennis Academy you will find a variety of adult programs that best suits you. From 30 min to 60 minutes private lessons, to recreational and competitive groups clinics. We love to focus on strokes development, singles and doubles strategy/tactics, developing spins and learn how to properly play the net game. We do this through hand, racquet and live drills combining with competitive games.

Summer Camp

Part- Time

Full time